September 30, 2022

Take A Vacation at The Fair

Tres Pinos, CA – You don’t have to travel any further than the San Benito County Fair to feel like you’re on a Hawaiian vacation.

The colorful Yamamoto Hula Ohana dancers entertained crowds on Friday afternoon and there’s a second show on Saturday.

The show is a perfect example of how the Fair is for everyone.

“For some of our families, flights to Hawaii aren’t in their budget. But, being able to join us at the Fair and see our Hula dancers… it’s like a taste of the Islands here at home,” says Dara Tobias, CEO of the San Benito County Fair.

Video here. Courtesy: San Benito County Fair

Yamamoto Hula Ohana
Saturday, October 1st
1:30 pm
Main Stage

Also on Saturday, Left of Centre at 7:30 pm on the Main Stage.

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