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NEW! Due to the completely unforeseen and unimaginable circumstances caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, our Fair Livestock experience will be virtual this year.

In this new and daily changing environment we encourage you to continually monitor the website and social media page for updates and current information.

2020 Livestock Delivery Schedule

Load Out Map

9/15/20:  It is time to start uploading your Livestock Auction photos and information to

Please watch the instructional video and read the page by page instructions and tips/best practices carefully. THESE ARE DUE TO BE SUBMITTED BY 6:00PM SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19th.


  • The type of sale is Terminal
  • For starting bid, enter $25. The only minimum is market price and that will be determined on weigh in day.
  • Leave the reserve amount blank
  • Description should be written by the exhibitor to tell potential buyers about their project, what they learned, and a bit about themselves. Be positive and creative this is a marketing opportunity.
  • You may upload a video as mentioned in instructions, but it is not required.
  • Tag or State Validation Tag will be your ear tag number