September 1, 2023

The 100th Fair

Tres Pinos, CA – This is a very special year for the San Benito County Fair… it’s our 100th Fair!

In 1919, a local newspaper wrote about the first annual Fair in Hollister. We believe it was held near the site of the current high school football field. It was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

The Fair was a great success for more than two decades. But, in the 1940s, records show the Fair shut down for four years because of World War II.

Therefore, 1919 to 2023 minus four years gives us 100 Fairs! (Not to be confused with 100 years.)

The 100th San Benito County Fair takes place September 29- October 1 at Bolado Park Event Center in Tres Pinos.

Check out for more information.

Fair Manager, Dara Tobias, is available for interviews Saturday 9/2 and Monday 9/4 to talk more about the history of the Fair and what the 2023 Fair has in store.

Please contact Katie Marzullo to schedule an interview.

949-257-9089 or

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